Apple TV + closes October with premieres and the announcement of Servant — 2022

The month of October is about to come to an end and this Friday, the day chosen by Apple TV + for its premieres, comes with some important news for the platform. In this post we review everything new today and we advance what is to come in the coming weeks and months, since they look very interesting.

Round of premieres with a new series already available

Today marks it Swagger , a new series inspired by the life of Kevin Durant and which has already premiered its first three chapters , then having a new chapter every Friday until ending with a total of 10 episodes on December 17. In it we can witness how tough the youth of those who will one day be NBA stars are, observing firsthand what it is like to deal with situations in which children are treated as if they were a simple product.

Note: the series is dubbed into many languages ​​including Spanish and with subtitles in many others.

Today there have also been other premieres of chapters of the Apple series:

    Acapulco:5th chapter of its first season. Foundation:7th chapter of its first season. Invasion:4th chapter of its first season. The Morning Show:7th chapter of its second season.

Premieres already confirmed for the following weeks

Next week will be loaded with premieres such as Dr. Brain , Apple's Korean series set to debut on next Wednesday at 11:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) and whose epicenter is a science fiction story starring a fictitious expert in neuroscience who heightens his obsession with this field after an accident.

The next Friday what arrives is Dickinson's final season , which will broadcast new episodes weekly until its broadcast is completely finished. Also on that day comes Hi Jack! A better world , a new children's series that will broadcast all its episodes at once. And to close the pack for that next week, there is also the finch movie starring Tom Hanks.

And in the following weeks and months, we already have these confirmed releases. And it includes the return of servant with its third season, for which Apple today announced its date and published its first official trailer. This is how your calendar looks like:

    The Shrink Next Door (nueva serie):12th of November. Snoopy in space (2nd season):12th of November. Harriet the Spy (new children's series):November 19th. The Line (new docuseries):November 19th. Swan Son (new movie):December 17. The Tragedy of Macbeth (new movie):January 14. Servant (3ª season):January 21st.

Apart from that, we have other premieres confirmed for next year, although many of them without a specific date:

    Cycles (3rd season):2022, no confirmed date Killers of the Flower Moon (new movie):2022, no confirmed date. The Mosquito Coast (2nd season):2022, no confirmed date. The Afterparty (new series):January 2022. Ted Lasso (3rd season):2022, no confirmed date. Tehran (2nd season):2022, no confirmed date. Mythic Quest (3rd season):2022, no confirmed date.

Remember in any case that you can keep abreast of all the news around the platform in our free daily podcast and more specifically in the Friday episodes, which we dedicate entirely to Apple TV +. Right now you can listen to today's episode in which we focus on analyzing the See series as one of the star products of the service. It is available on all platforms including Apple Podcast, Spotify and Google Podcast.

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