Apple TV + will bet on sports with this recent signing — 2022

Documentaries about athletes, live sports or special programs dedicated to a specific specialty orcelebrity stories on Apple TV+. The company does not rule out anything for its streaming platform and is visible after the recent news in which we have learned of the signing of James DeLorenzo from Amazon Prime Video, where he precisely supervised everything related to the sports division of the service.

Apple TV + continues to strengthen

Many catalog the Apple TV + service as the new HBO, despite the long distances that still separate them. This is due to the still scarce catalogue, but its unmistakable seal of quality, seen in series such as the recentDefending Jacob. In other words, quality prevails over quantity. In this service we find all kinds of comic, fantastic, dramatic or animated series for the little ones in the house. However, we also find current programs such as those of Oprah Winfrey or documentaries in which to learn about stories such as the struggle of the LGTBI collective to make themselves visible on television.

Lebron James Apple TV+

Sports could now be the company's big bet when it comes to content. In the month of July it will be releasedGreatness Code, a documentary series in which sports stars of the stature of Usain Bolt, Lebron James or Alex Morgan will tell their own story of overcoming. This could be the first stone on a long road that the company hopes will culminate with signings like James DeLorenzo.

Until now, DeLorenzo was part of the Amazon Prime Video executive, more specifically in the sports section. For this reason we can infer that he is not a casual signing and that he has all the earmarks that they will try to make the most of his experience in the sector with the aim of strike big deals with sports leagues to get the broadcasting rights of some sports.

Sports broadcasts on Apple TV +

The Pacific-12 Conference, conference of the first division of the NCAA, is negotiating with Apple the transfer of broadcasting rights from the year 2024. This is at least reported by American sports media very close to these entities. We understand that this movement by Apple would be good, but not definitive. It is possible that the company is negotiating the broadcast of other major sporting events and the truth is that if there is a company with sufficient economic power to be able to acquire multimillion-dollar rights, it is Apple.

PAC 12 Apple TV+

In USA it is possibly where they will focus the most for various reasons. It is such a wide and varied country in which there are several mass sports, from Baseball to Rugby, through the ever-popular NBA basketball. On top of that, and not least, the company enjoys wide popularity in this territory thanks to its iPhone and Mac. Not in vain is it an American company. If you are a great sports lover but sometimes time plays tricks on you, take a lookthis app.

We also know that many times the company prioritizes its national market too much, meaning that in other countries such as the European ones we are forced to not enjoy some services such as the Apple Card or Apple News +, although in the latter case it is more of a legal issue. about copyright. In any case, it seems complicated that we can see sports from our continent on the platform of the block, but who knows if perhaps in the future they will not aim high enough to get the rights of the UEFA Champions League or LaLiga of Spanish football, although we insist in that it is something very remote, but dreaming is free.