This is how Apple tries to guarantee browsing privacy in Safari — 2022

The competition between web browsers is enormous and it is that the three big technology companies Apple, Microsoft and Google bet heavily on Safari, Edge and Chrome respectively. One of the aspects that can be decisive when using one or the other is usually privacy. As far as Apple is concerned, it should be noted that a lot of work is being done with the firm objective that thisprivate browsing on macpossible and for this it is important not to allow some websites to carry out monitoring to carry out personalized advertising. Recently, thanks to a report by John Wilander of Webkit, we were able to learn some of the most important points that Safari developers follow to maintain that browsing privacy. This is an expanded information to other information that we knew when in February in relation to version 12.1 of the browser.

Apple wants to promote safe browsing with Safari

Beyond the fact that each person must be responsible for their actions on the Internet, the truth is that much of the security must be carried out by browsers . These, in addition to being quick and easy to use, must have security tools that, among others, prevent a third party from carrying out a monitoring of our navigation without express consent .

Safari on macOS

Safari on macOS

The advertising Internet abounds today and even many media are financed almost entirely thanks to ads. Many of the new formulas used by advertisers are related to the famous cookies and the tracking of our navigation to show the advertisements in relation to our personal preferences . It is precisely against the abuse of these tools that Safari tries to fight.

What Wilander says Apple is trying to accomplish is ensure that no user can be personally identified by websites with advertisements by tracking your browsing. Special emphasis is also placed on those more exhaustive monitoring that are carried out when, by mistake or not, an ad is clicked. This is due to the fact that when that click occurs, automatic reports are made regarding the profile of the people who interact with the advertisement. Likewise, it must be remembered that it is recommendedcover mac webcamwhen you're not using it for added privacy.

Many companies outside of the tracking process may end up collecting user information in order to deliver new advertising to you. For Apple these companies should even disappear, since they would consider that violate the privacy rights of the user . For this reason, it proposes some measures such as browsing reports being sent privately even if the user is not using private browsing. Another measure is that the reports are sent randomly once 24 or 48 hours have passed since the website is accessed.

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