Today Apple officially declares the 2012 MacBook Air obsolete — 2022

If you have a 2012 MacBook Air , you have to know that Apple has just declared it as an obsolete product. This is usually something normal when a product spends a few years on the market, the really curious thing is that Apple will offer parts for repair until the year 2020 , specifically until August 31, 2020. It is not normal to leave a product or device with such a wide margin to authorize a repair or replace some parts. Virtually any company like Apple is limited to legal time established for each country.

It must be made clear that repairs will not be included in a repair plan. extended warranty , with which, we will have to pay for our repairs if we need to make use of them. Of course, we all know what a repair costs in an official technical service, so even if Apple has spare parts for supply To all customers who may have some kind of mishap with their 2012 MacBook Air, we must be aware of the repair budget.

Generally, when you go to an authorized technical service such as a Apple Store , technicians do not usually carry out any type of diagnosis on the equipment, since they do not have the appropriate replacement or repair parts. That is why the wide margin that Apple has just offered for the 2012 MacBook Air is so striking.

Even though that him MacBook Air It is a quite interesting input device, it has some shortcomings that today are key points for a user not to decide to make a purchase. One of the main points is the non-Retina display. We could think that in return we would have more battery by offering less consumption, but really, when it comes to practice in a real environment, we would not notice it excessively compared to a more current model. In any case, you have alist of things to do with an old Mac.