Apple would incorporate a 7 nanometer processor in the iPhone X next year — 2022

The cards of the components that the new generation of mobile phones will carry next year are beginning to be revealed. Although it seems soon Internal data of the future iPhone or the future Samsung Galaxy S9 are already being known.

Qualcomm has already stated that they will release a new processor named Snapdragon 845, which will carry devices as important as the S9. But Apple is not going to be left behind, and less against Qualcomm as the next Cupertino star terminal will have a processor with 7 nanometer technology when Qualcomm will remain at 10 nanometers.

The A12 chip, more powerful than the new Snapdragon 845 on paper

The jump from the Snapdragon 835 to the 845 is going to bring significant news, according to Qualcomm, such as a better Bluetooth connection, lower energy consumption and better performance, although it will continue to be built with 10-nanometer technology.

Apple wants to go further, and make a difference, of course, with its A12 chip, which would be the one that will play next year. This would be built with a 7 nanometer technology, being much better than what they have proposed from Qualcomm. It is here that we then see these superior benchmarks.

TSMC is the company that is responsible for manufacturing these chips for Apple and this is where this rumor comes from, where it is stated that they are already working on these new 7-nanometer chips for the next iPhone and iPad. What do you get with this? Basically that there is more space in the terminal for other components as well as having better power and lower energy consumption, something that is always sought after.

We will have to see how it develops in 2018, but on paper we see that Apple would carry a better chip than the devices of its competition. Leave us what you think in the comment box.