Apple teaches you the basics of iOS 12 and the new iPhone XS and XR from Apple Park — 2022

With the launch of the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR (in October) , there are many users who have decided to renew their iPhone or who have wanted to experience the iOS operating system.

To help them with the new operating system iOS 12 and the newest features, Californians have decided to launch a video tutorial to make the transition as pleasant and easy as possible.

Through one of the channels YouTube from Apple, show the ease of use offered by iOS, all of this from the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and XR.

Guide to use of the new iPhone XS with iOS 12

The new mobile operating system from Apple includes a series of really interesting new features, as well as new gestures for use. With only 5 minutes , which is the duration of this video, we can capture the most outstanding and useful functions of this new version.

The elimination of Touch ID makes us have to learn a series of new gestures to use our iPhone normally. The positive part is that they are very intuitive and we will quickly become familiar with them.

where only the device is shown in the foreground to teach us the gestures, the basic functions and some more advanced ones.

So if you just bought a new iPhone XS, XS Max or you are thinking of purchasing the iPhone XR, this video may be very useful to you. Especially if you have passed from another operating system such as Android or if you have simply renewed your iPhone with Touch ID.

What did you think of this video tutorial? Have you learned a new concept that you did not know?