Apple surprises by launching the iOS 14.2 beta, why? — 2022

Starting Wednesday, everyone with an iPhone 6s or later can enjoy theiOS 14 news, since it was the day chosen by Apple to launch its new operating systems with the exception of macOS Big Sur. It is understandable that after the launch of this, successive versions are already being prepared and betas such as iOS 14.1 are released, but this has not been the case because what has been released is the iOS 14.2 beta, thus skipping a version. The same has happened with iPadOS 14.2 and tvOS 14.2. We analyze this movement by Californians.

Does iOS 14.2 bring something new?

Already in previous versions of iOS 13 we have been seeing how Apple skipped versions in its beta and then ended up resolving it in its final versions, so it is possible that this iOS 14.2 will finally end up being iOS 14.1. Beyond this mere detail, it must be borne in mind that great news is not expected considering that it was already iOS 14 that brought with it the largest number of visual and functional novelties. Probably this version comes to improve the general performance of the system, to polish small bugs already detected in final versions of the current one and to implement small new features.

Shazam Control Center iOS 14

Image from MacRumors

At the moment only a few novelties have been found, such as the possibility of add Shazam to Control Center . Apple Music Suggestions can also be added to a new widget even when the music is not playing. A feature called Person Detection is also added to the Magnifier app to help visually impaired people know how far away other people are. They are also expected to fix a problem with theautomatic switching of AirPods on iPhone.

Possibly something can be hidden in the code related to the new iPhones that the company would present us at an upcoming event, although for now nothing has been found about it. Something similar happens in iPadOS 14.2 and tvOS 14.2, in which no news has really been found either. We understand that these betas will not last as long as the current versions, but they will not reach the public in a short time either. Possibly October, with the release of new devices, could be an ideal time for it. remember that you caninstall this iOS beta easilyfollowing our tutorial.

macOS Big Sur beta 7 also released

The seventh developer beta of macOS Big Sur, also known as macOS 11, was also released yesterday. This is the only new Apple software that is still in beta with no expected public release date. Something similar happened last year with macOS Catalina, since iOS 13, iPadOS 13 and company were released in September and we had to wait until October to see this one. Apple has decided to continue polishing the Mac software and possibly this year we will not see it officially either until the month of october and who knows if coinciding with the release of the first Macs with ARM chips. We will have to wait to see how everything progresses in this regard.