Apple stops selling the 27″ iMac, when will its replacement arrive? — 2022

Yesterday, Apple introduced the new iPhone SE, iPad Air and a brand new Mac Studio as a hybrid between the Mac mini and Mac Pro. They even introduced the Studio Display as an external display compatible with any computer. However, almost secretly removed the 27-inch iMac from the catalog . And no, this does not mean that they will stop selling this range.

The Mac Studio is not its substitute

Only the Mac Pro and the larger iMac remain in the transition from Intel chips to Apple Silicon. Yesterday Apple presented a new range of Macs that, despite having a powerful chip like the M1 Ultra and having been compared to the large iMac, is not really its substitute.

And we say this because, although the Mac Studio obviously surpasses that previous iMac, it is in the end a completely different range. In fact, we must bear in mind that to match both, it would be necessary to buy an external screen and peripherals, since the Mac Studio itself does not incorporate these accessories. The iMac for its part is an all in one, but it is also much cheaper.

Features of the new Mac Studio

In fact, the price factor is something worth analyzing in more depth in the coming weeks, since in the end it was understood that the transition to Apple Silicon would allow lower prices. And yes, the Mac Studio is not focused on common users and in a way it may be justified that its starting price is 2,329 euros, but despite this, it is still in the end a different team from the iMac in many ways.

Be that as it may, if you want to buy an iMac in Apple stores, you will have to go for the 24-inch model launched last year. Its redesign and M1 chip have improved it a lot and this is a suitable equipment for a majority of the public. Those looking for a larger model or one with better features will have to wait.

The iMac Pro is still pending release

The rumors about the larger iMac have been incessant and, although it was known that yesterday it might not appear, there were those who still held out hope. Finally we did not see this computer, which does not mean that Apple does not have plans to launch it. In fact, all sources close to the company suggest that they already have it planned.

imac pro concept

iMac Pro Concept

Only Ming-Chi Kuo has bet on seeing it in 2023, while the rest of the analysts maintain their bets on seeing it at some point this year. In fact, yesterday Apple itself dropped that the Mac Pro would be the next to make the transition and who knows if it will do so at the same time as this larger iMac that seems to be accompanied by the nickname 'Pro'.

It is intuited that this new iMac Pro, in addition to being larger, will have a redesign similar to the small model, with more classic colors and Apple's own chip. With the arrival of the M1 Ultra by surprise, the big question is whether it will have that chip or will it stay in the M1 Pro and M1 Max.