Apple stops signing iOS 11.2.6, now you can only go back to iOS 11.3 — 2022

If you are going to restore your iPhone or iPad, you are interested to know that the latest available version of iOS is 11.3. Apple has stopped signing version 11.2.6 .

This means that you will not be able to go back to a previous version other than iOS 11.3. This movement is something usual by Californians, so you shouldn't be surprised or worried.

The main idea is that all users have their equipment as updated possible. Thanks to this, they ensure that users have a more stable and secure version of iOS.

Apple only signs iOS 11.3 at a minimum

Currently, the latest available version that Californians allow is iOS 11.3 . So don't try to install an older version because it won't work on any of your devices.

Very little time has passed since the release of iOS 11.3 for Apple to stop signing the previous version. This is not strange at all, Apple shortens the times to ensure that users enjoy the latest published version with the aim of improving the performance of their equipment, in addition to the security thereof.

Of course, this is also a preventative way to block any attempts to Jailbreak . We remember that Jailbreaking is taking advantage of a system vulnerability, that is, putting the user's security at risk.

The truth is iOS 11.3 It has considerably improved the performance and stability of the equipment, not in a brutal way, but it is remarkable. Furthermore, we find improvements very interesting, as we already mentioned in is fasting .

As always, we recommend that you keep your device as up-to-date as possible. Only in this way, will you ensure a device safe and reliable . Where in addition, they usually correct performance and stability problems.

So now you know, if you find yourself in iOS 11.2.6 and you want to restore your iPhone or iPad, remember that from now on, Apple it only allows you to go back to iOS 11.3 at least.

What do you think about Apple stopping signing iOS 11.2.6? What version are you currently on?