Apple spent 5 years developing the iPhone X, according to Jonathan Ive — 2022

Apple's chief designer, Jonathan Ive stated in an interview at the New Yorker TechFest that the design and development of the new iPhone X lasted 5 years .

Jony Ive also points out that all the prototypes they had made for the iPhone X, 99% of the time it didn't work for them . The tendency to have an iPhone that was only a screen led to more than one headache.

Let's remember that Touch ID was incorporated into iPhone 5s in 2013 , where Face ID has been several in development. This is technology that has been perfected to the point of being used in the dark. This security method is the one adopted for the iPhone X and for the following Apple devices.

Face ID was a wonderful coincidence

It may seem to all of us that the iPhone X and the new security system, Face ID, were born at the same time to suppress Touch ID, but according to Jony Ive, this was just a wonderful coincidence.

Just getting the fundamental idea of ​​the design of the iPhone X took Apple designers over two years, where they were finally able to integrate Face ID into the iPhone X and thus open a new generation of iPhone , of which Apple is already working.

The iPhone X offers an unprecedented leap in these 10 years of iPhone history, where the design is becoming lighter, eliminating the only button that incorporated on the front of it.

Quite a challenge when in 2007, Apple introduced the original iPhone, where the trend of a touch screen with a single button was almost unthinkable. We remember the words of Steve Jobs, where he literally said we are 5 years ahead of the competition .

Much is being said about whether the new design of the iPhone X will be transferred to the iPad Pro in the new versions, which is clear, after the declarations of Jony Ive , is that the future of the iPhone happens to be a trend similar to that of the iPhone X.

What do you think of the design of the iPhone X? I'll buy? Are you surprised how long the iPhone X has been in development?