Apple shows in new videos everything that can be done on an iPad Pro — 2022

We don't know if the iPad Pro is better or worse than a computer. Whatwe have saidon several occasions, in the end it depends on what you want to use it for. And while for heavier tasks like video editing, a Macbook or iMac is probably more suitable, the truth is that the iPad Pro can be a great tool for 'lighter' tasks like editing photos, creating presentations or even making a podcast.

Apple shows off its new iPad Pro showing its features

Apple has recently uploaded to its YouTube channel a series of videos in which it is about publicizing some of the virtues of its latest iPad Pro launched on the market this fall. Through these videos, the company tries to show how its most powerful tablet is capable of performing different tasks thanks to tools built into the system and others that can be added, such as the second-generation Apple Pencil or the Smart Keyboard Folio.

With this video Apple shows how it is possible give a great presentation with an iPad Pro . The application used to carry out this task is Keynote , the company's native application that is similar to the classic Microsoft PowerPoint, with the difference that Apple's is free. Also in the video it is shown how thanks to the support of AirPlay you can play the slideshow on an external monitor.

This other video wants to show how the iPad Pro is the perfect companion for take notes being able to replace the classic notebook. For this, the versatility of the iPad stands out, being able to take notes with the Smart Keyboard Folio or by hand through the new Apple Pencil with which you can also also draw.

There is no doubt that the augmented reality It is one of the fields in which Apple is working the most in recent times. For this reason, this video focuses on demonstrating how effective this technology can be with the iPad Pro 2018.

Although Apple intends to encourage us to leave papers behind for technology, they are aware that we still have many paper documents. That is why in this video they show the possibility of scan documents in order to have them digitized on the iPad Pro and we can even share them.

The icing on the cake in terms of new features of the iPad Pro goes to the USB-C . And it is that this connector included for the first time in an iPad and accompanied by the great performance of the device can allow us to do incredible things such as record a podcast and even edit it. However, one of thedifferences between iMovie and Final Cut Probecomes visible on this device, and that is that Apple's professional video editor is still not coming to the iPad.

To all this we can also add the possibility ofmake presentations with iPadthrough a series of applications that work wonderfully, including the native one from Apple.

In short, Apple wants us to know a little more about the iPad Pro 2018, which beyond its new design continues to give a even better performance than previous generations. In addition, in a certain way, an attempt has also been made to show the applications found in iOS for the iPad and that can make a difference compared to other tablets on the market.