Apple secretly launches a new charging dock for the Apple Watch — 2022

Apple has secretly released a new version of its magnetic charging dock for the Apple Watch. And we say secretly because it has not been announced by the company nor does it even appear as a new product in its online store.

Same specs as previous Apple Watch charging dock

Apple markets in its stores and in its Apple Store Online a magnetic charging base for the Apple Watch in the form of a dock different from the one that originally came with the purchase of the watch. This basis is larger than standard charger and allows you to use the Apple Watch in horizontal position also incorporating a central base that reclines to be able to use the device in nightstand mode.

The new charging dock for the Apple Watch that is for sale in the Apple Store offers practically the same specifications as the first and only version that had been marketed so far. They are physically identical and can only be distinguished by the model number written on the bottom. The old one had the number MLDW2AM/A while his substitute wears the model MU9F2AM/A. It should be noted that there is no longer stock of the first and so only the updated version is sold.

New charging dock for the Apple Watch

New charging dock for the Apple Watch

The reason is unknown for which Apple has renewed its charging base in the form of a dock, and it is that a FCC file compare both versions without drawing any clear conclusion. L The tests carried out do not reveal important changes in their tests, as the device continues to output power at a maximum of 5 watts. It is also known that Apple requested that the FCC withhold precise schematics and details, so it is very difficult to discover what has really changed between one base and another.

In any case, as we previously reported, the charging base continues to have the same functionalities, so any user who wanted to buy the previous version will be able to purchase the new one at same price -79€ in Spain- which was previously.

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