Apple re-registers new devices in the EEC — 2022

Registries in the CEE seem to be becoming a reliable source for new releases of devices. Apple .

Recently some models were registered that seemed to fit into the Mac range and yesterday Apple renewed the MacBook Pro range practically by surprise and stealthily, since it was reported to certain media through a press release to spread the word.

The new records that have appeared in the CEE They show us the new iPhone and iPad, curiously, the devices that remain to be renewed and which are increasingly generating great expectation.

Apple could do a big renovation soon

Apple CEEIn this massive new record, we can differentiate iPad and iPhone . We remember that there are certain rumors pointing to a massive renovation in the new Apple devices, where the iPhone and the iPad Pro will be the ones that take center stage.

According to the information that has been with us for quite some time, Apple could launch up to 3 new iPhones (2 with OLED screen and one with LCD screen). There is the possibility of seeing a fourth iPhone, corresponding to the renewal of the SE, but a few days ago a new rumor appeared where they would reject this launch.

From Consumac They have made an interesting order of the nomenclatures of the devices that have been registered during all this type. Thanks to this, we can clearly see the possible devices that Californians would launch on the market in a short time.

  • iPad: A1876, A1895 A1934, A1979, 1980, A2013 y A2014 (iOS 11)
  • iPhone: A1920 A1921 A1984, A2097, A2098, A2099, A2101, A2103, A2104, A2105 y A2106 (iOS 12)
  • Mac: A1931, A1932, 1988 (macOS 10.13)

In the past week Apple registered several Macs in the CEE, where no one expected a renewal (at least so early) of the same. A week after its registration, they were put up for sale, specifically the Thursday July 12 . So the long-awaited renewal of iPad and iPhone could be close.

What are your bets for the new divisions following the nomenclatures?