They request a new keyboard design from Apple through — 2022

The keyboard butterfly of the new MacBook and MacBook Pro, is giving many headaches to Apple , but above all to the clients.

This new new is now in its second version, the first was obtained by the initial MacBook and the second by the new MacBook and MacBook Pro . Improving the travel of the keys and a better touch.

But this new system is loved and hated in equal measure. The learning curve is not high for most clients, but it can be maddening with the addition of the fault in the keys.

Apple recommends blowing

In a previous article, we told you how Apple gave some solutions to clean the keyboard to prevent the keys from sticking. The butterfly keyboard has very flat keys and a very short travel with this new system (there are two generations). This helps keep the layout as flat as possible, but also offers less space.

With less space in the key travel, any impurities can cause the keys to don't react properly , but the biggest problem is that some are stopping working or are directly falling apart.

From , it is applying to apple that they improve the keyboard of the MacBook and that they replace all those that are currently affected by some problem. We don't know if Apple will take it into account, but at the time of writing this post, the campaign has been going on for more than 9,200 signatures in just a few hours (at least 10,000 are needed).

The truth is that it is a problem grave , having a computer with these features and that the keyboard is giving so many difficulties, makes individual work slow down, in addition to having a lousy user experience.

We will be attentive to this petition for signatures in to see if Apple take note of it and improve keyboards of the MacBook and MacBook Pro. If they already fixed the keyboard once, there is hope that they will do it again to satisfy these almost 9,200 dissatisfied customers.

You can sign the petition HERE

Have you signed this petition? Have you had problems with the keyboard of the MacBook or MacBook Pro? Is the new butterfly keyboard comfortable for you?