Apple repeats as the most prestigious company in the world according to Fortune — 2022

It's been 11 years since Apple entered one of the most prestigious lists in the world, the Top 10 most admired companies in the world that you do annually F , and and it is no longer just being on this list, but that Apple is in the number one position.

Apple is still the most admired company in the world

Being the most prestigious company in the world, and remaining in this top position for more than a decade is a success for the people of Cupertin or that we have no doubt that they will be celebrating, although it has taken a lot of effort to arrive and above all to stay in this first place.

Fortune has already accustomed us to launching a list each year specifying the companies that are most admired following criteria that they expose annually. If we go to see this Top 10 in more detail, we can see that Amazon ranks second and Google third. In addition to these top-ranking companies, we also see Berkshire Hathaway, Starbucks, Walt Disney, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Fedex, and JP Morgan Chase.

The basis for making the classification that we have been able to observe is explained by Fortune in this way:

We started with a total of nearly 1,500 candidates: the 1,000 largest US companies ranked by revenue, along with non-US companies based on the Global 500 database with revenues of $10 billion or more. Below, we pick the top-earning companies in each industry, a total of 680 across 29 countries. The most valued companies were collected from that group of 680; the executives who voted work in the companies of that group.

To determine the best-regarded companies, across 52 industries, Korn Ferry surveyed executives, directors and analysts to rate companies in their own industry on nine criteria, from investment value and quality of management and products to social responsibility and the ability to attract talent. A company's score should be listed in the top half of your industry survey which is […]

To select our 50 All-Stars, Korn Ferry interviewed 3,900 executives, directors, and stock analysts who had responded to industry surveys to select the 10 companies they most admired. They chose from a list made up of the companies that ranked in the top 25% in last year's surveys, and the top 20% in their industry. Anyone could vote for any company in any sector.

From the results to which different media have had access, it has been possible to see the best value to Apple which are the following points:

  • Innovation
  • Customer Support
  • Use of social assets
  • Social responsability
  • Management quality
  • Financial strength
  • Long-term value of investment
  • Quality of products / services
  • Global Competitiveness

On the first point of innovation I am totally convinced that there will be a lot of discord between the different users. But this has been the result of this year in Fortune. What is your top 10 most admired companies this year?