Apple will repair 2016 MacBook Pros with display problems for free — 2022

After Apple's decision to extend the keyboard replacement program to the new MacBook Pro 2019, the company would also have decided offer free out-of-warranty repairs to 2016 MacBook Pros that have some kind of screen problem. Specifically, we are talking about problems in the feedback that we have already talked about, caused by a failure in the cable that connects the screen with the rest of the equipment. So if you are experiencingmacbook screen glitches, keep reading.

Apple opens screen repair program for 2016 MacBook Pros

This program will cover the 2016 MacBook Pro for four years counting from the day of purchase. In other words, if you have a lighting problem on the screen but the two-year warranty has already expired, don't worry because you will continue to be within this program.

MacBook Pro display lighting problem

This information that has been collected by the media The Verge details that the Macs that are covered include both the models that have a Touch Bar with four Thunderbolt 3 ports, and those that do not include a Touch Bar and two Thunderbolt 3 ports. To be much more specific, the information shows that these teams that have been sold between October 2016 and February 2018 will enter the program.

We already commented in The Bitten Apple that iFixit detected this fault in one of its routine exploded views, appreciating that this problem resided in a cable. This cable connects the screen with the rest of the equipment and obviously It must go through the area that we fold to close the Mac and in the long run it can end up deteriorating from closing and opening it so much, and we could run out of screen over time. This is something that is also claimed for themac speaker problemswhich may stop working imminently.

The value of the cable is a few dollars, but Apple in its repairs forces us to change the entire screen, something that forces us to pay several hundred dollars. This controversy seems to have reached the end to the ears of Apple to extend the guarantee on these computers in case we have the misfortune that the cable ends up deteriorating.

Certain information already pointed out that Apple was trying to fix this problem in the new models that have come to light, although we will have to wait if over time a user presents this 'flexgate' again on their computer.