Apple removes unlicensed gambling apps from the app store — 2022

Apple wants to provide users with a polished application store and above all that is safe. This requires a constant cleaning of the applications that we can find in the App Store and that violate their policies. This week we have been able to see how from the Cupertino company they have decided to gradually eliminate all betting applications that do not have a company behind with a legal license.

Apple removes unlicensed gambling apps from the App Store

The developers are reporting that from Apple they are removing betting apps from independent developers , with the aim of avoiding illegal bets. That is why at the moment only those apps from companies that have a legal license to manage this type of bet will be allowed.

But not everything is so positive, since some developers are experimenting as their applications that are not related to gambling they are also disappearing from the App Store, why?

The process is being done automatic following as criteria those apps that have the category of Bets. The problem is that many non-gambling apps have this category . Developers resort to labeling their apps with this Gambling category so that the age rating is +17 years with the aim of having many more features in iOS without the restrictions that Apple imposes to protect minors.

These developers who prefer to lie about the content of their apps are now suffering the consequences of seeing their apps removed from the Store. If they want to appear again in the Apple app store they will have to edit their labels and be honest and correctly define your application, despite the fact that the age rating decreases.

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