Apple removes deprecated Do Not Track feature from Safari in new iOS and macOS betas — 2022

Among the privacy and security options of Safari, both in iOS and macOS, a curious functionality has been appearing since 2011. We are talking about the option stop sites from tracking me and that in principle it serves so that web pages cannot track your browsing in order to offer you advertising based on your searches. This solves one of themain problems using Safari on iPhone, but also on Mac.

The curious thing about this functionality is that it is useless . Have this option activated, either on the iPhone, iPad or Mac it does not really force the websites not to track you but they will be aware that you marked this option as a preference and may or may not comply with your wishes. Legally, websites can skip this preference.

Say goodbye to useless do not track browsing feature in Safari

Apple on Monday released the second betas of, among others, iOS 12.2 and macOS 10.14.4 . The release notes for this release specified that support for the Do Not Track standard was removed to prevent potential use as a fingerprint variable.

Safari anti-tracking

Source: MacRumors

In this way, the new versions of Safari that will arrive with iOS 12.2 and macOS 10.14.4 remove the option for the user to notify websites that they do not want to be tracked. The reason is obvious given that it has been obsolete for a long time and was far from the year 2011 in which Apple included it on the recommendation of the FTC, Federal Trade Commission of the United States.

Another reason why this function has been eliminated is that expressed by the company and it is that, ironically, it may be the case that websites take advantage of a variable of this functionality for monitoring purposes. That is having the option activated until now not only does not prevent them from following us but it could also favor it.

As a counterpart to this elimination, Apple has implemented in the betas some stricter features to prevent smart tracking . These new options will be able to prevent the tracking methods used by some advertisers and analytics sites to detect a user's Internet browsing. Other improvements have also been added in more trivial aspects such assave pages to pdf with iphone.

What do you think about removing this option? Do you think that the new security measures that Apple implements in its betas will really help to avoid the tracking of our navigation? Tell us your impressions in the comments.