Apple publishes new 'Slofie' videos with the iPhone 11 — 2022

Apple continues to bet on promoting its equipment through videos on its YouTube channel that are quite impressive and also funny. One of the most striking features that were introduced with the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro is the slofie mode . With this camera mode we can make a selfie video in slow motion and the truth is that the result can end up making more than one smile.

Slofie, the best way to have fun with your iPhone 11 camera

This is why Apple wants to enhance this striking feature in order to highlight the strengths of its teams. To be much more specific, all the models ofiPhone 11they can record with its front camera at 120 fps. Surely many users do not know this feature yet and that is why in a series of videos on their YouTube channel they wanted to promote this feature that was so much discussed after its presentation.

In the first of the videos we can see an older man who is making funny faces at the camera and we can see both the result at 120 fps and also in a natural way. As we say, it is not that this function is very useful but you can laugh and a lot thanks to it.

But you can also bring out your most sensual side thanks to these slofies, as we see in the following video where a man dances under the rain and makes some very suggestive postures.

On New Year's Eve, surely many of you go out partying with your friends, being an ideal opportunity to take thousands of photographs and videos. Although it can be complicated, we can give it a very professional style thanks to these Slofies, as we saw in the third video where 3 friends are in a very partying atmosphere and they manage to make a tremendously professional video. The bad thing is later when the camera zooms out and it looks like they're in a supermarket.

The last video they have published already sounded like a few months ago. The girl who stars in it wants to take a very professional selfie with the movement of her hair as the protagonist, but she doesn't get it very well. As the camera moves away, we see that her brother is too close to her with a hairdryer and the result is a bit annoyed.

Now it's your turn, and you'll have to use your imagination to be able to take advantage of the camera of your new iPhone.

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