Apple releases macOS 10.12.5 beta 5 for developers — 2022

Apple continues to work on the betas of its star operating systems. This time we tell you the fifth beta of macOS 10.12.5. Keep reading the article to find out everything we have learned about this new beta.

Apple continues to work to have 100% stable operating systems

The Cupertino company is just a few weeks away from presenting the next generation of operating systems at the WWDC 2017 . Despite this, they do not stop working on the release of betas, and soon a final version, for those operating systems that we currently have on our devices.

Mac with macOS Sierra

Stability is something that will put an operating system at the top of the Olympus of technology or at the bottom and with a very bad reputation among all users. This does not interest Apple and that is why before moving on to another generation of operating system they have to leave the ones that are now on the market well finished.

The beta 5 of the main operating systems does not bring news to highlight

Due to the fact that we are in a very advanced version of the operating systems, the novelties at an aesthetic level are minimal, but internally they are working very hard to add security and stabilization improvements to our operating system.

We still do not have a date to be able to see the final version of these operating systems of which we have seen their fifth beta, but the final versions may already be released these days. Or it is also possible that wait days before the arrival of iOS 11 , in order to link both systems and not break the update release period.

If you want to install this beta of macOS Sierra, I invite you to take a look at the following video in which Fernando Del Moral tells it in detail:

Now it's your turn to give us your vision of the beta system we have at Apple. Do you think it's appropriate that Apple continues to release betas a month after iOS 11 is released? A question that many users ask themselves and that they welcome Apple's commitment not to abandon an operating system.

Leave us in the comment box everything you think about these betas and if you have tried any, do not hesitate to explain your experience.

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