Apple releases fourth beta of watchOS 3.2.3 for developers — 2022

Apple today released the fourth beta 3.2.3 of watchOS for developers and it does so just two weeks after the previous one was released.

watchOS continues to advance with this beta

The Apple Watch, presented in September 2014 and put on sale in April of the following year, continues to grow in a market where it seems that consumers do not just see smart watches as essential. Although those who already have one usually say that they end up missing it when they don't have it.

Tim Cook at the presentation of the Apple Watch in 2014

In any case, Cupertino has a lot of faith in its smartwatch, as confirmed by the presentation of watchOS 4 at the WWDC 2017.

Today the beta launched by Apple is not the new version of the watch operating system but the present watchOS 3, specifically it is about the fourth beta 3.2.3 which is now available for download. Said beta is not yet public, it is p for developers . It is expected that it will not take long to publish it, although it must be remembered that, like all Apple Watch betas, entails the impossibility of restoring and going back as if it can be done with iOS or macOS.

In this fourth beta no apparent change is assumed , as bug fixes and security flaws were fixed in the previous three beta versions of watchOS 3.2.3. It is also expected to be the last beta that Apple launches for the third version of the operating system, because they are focusing on watchOS 4 , which is just around the corner.

Is it worth installing the betas on the Apple Watch?

As I mentioned before, Apple Watch does not allow downgrading once a beta is installed (go back to previous versions).

Installing an iOS beta on iPhone or iPad, or doing the same as macOS on a Mac may not be recommended, but we always have the possibility of restoring the system and returning to the official version. However, with the Apple Watch we have the problem of not being able to go back and therefore, from Apple 5 × 1 and I personally, I recommend giving a lot of thought to installing a beta if you're not a developer.

The watchOS system used a lot of battery in previous versions and although it has been greatly improved in this section, it is still one of the handicaps of the Apple smart watch. Therefore a beta version is likely to affect the battery too much leaving your device with a fairly limited autonomy. Besides that consequently you could find failures resulting from using a beta version.

If you want more information about this beta, we recommend that you visit the official Apple website for developers by clicking here .