Apple rejects the Facebook game app in its App Store — 2022

Apple Arcadeand Google Stadia are a clear indication that the video game industry could experience a change. Already classic consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox are still strong and it seems difficult for there to be a change in trend, but the truth is that the concept of having a platform that offers streaming games is very tempting for users and developers. Even Facebook has wanted to enter this world with a gaming platform that, although it is different in concept from that of Apple and Google, is there trying to compete even though it has collided head-on with the regulations of the App Store.

The App Store stands firm again

The Apple application store is being the protagonist this week of several news. The most encouraging was its revenue figure, which is showing that it is a very profitable place for the company and also for users and developers, as a result, among other things, of the great variety and quality of the games that it houses in its inside, fromastronaut gamesto the typical arcade games that hook you on the phone for hours. The other news is related to its regulations and is that a developer of an email manager recently accused Californians of mafia attitudes for preventing his app, which clearly violated the regulations, from entering the App Store. Something similar is happening now with Facebook Gaming.

The company led by Mark Zuckerberg has been trying since February to enter the iOS App Store to offer exclusive gaming content in a single application , thus differentiating it from the original Facebook app. It is a kind of social network dedicated to streaming video games live, also offering exclusive games developed by them and that can only be found there. This, however, collides with a rule that Apple has in its store.

According to a report by the well-known New York Times , Apple has again rejected the inclusion of Facebook Gaming in the App Store despite the insistence of the developers. The regulations are clear and it is that platforms cannot be created apart from an application for the distribution of games, this being a separate service. This may be related to a strategy in which to prevent Apple Arcade from having competition, which in a certain way is still legal and does not prevent apps like Facebook from having their platform integrated into a single application. Be that as it may and you like this rule more or less, the truth is that it has existed for a long time and therefore it could not allow the developers to affirm that the rejection of the app is unfair.

Apple has not commented in this regard, at least at the time of writing this article, although from the company of the great social network they hope that Californians can reconsider their decision and admit some allegation in this regard. In any case, we already saw in this week's report how video games are one of the sectors that generate the most money in the App Store, which in itself is a reason for competition between the different developers and surely this will not be the first nor the last time that news of this type jumps.