Apple reduces the color gamut on BeatsX headphones and lowers their price — 2022

Apple has made a striking business decision, the BeatsX They have dropped considerably in price, in addition to simplifying the range of colors.

This move could be an attempt to improve sales of these headphones from the brand owned by Californians. The aggressive sales of AirPods could be behind this decision.

, where this simplification movement could be related, although they are only hypotheses.

BeatsX at a more attractive price

The range of colors of the BeatsX headphones were available in 8 shades such as silver, black, space gray, blue, and a more custom option that combined red and black.

Now, the stock is reduced to silver and black . A combination more in line with the new iPhone, although surely the reason for the reduction of colors is not this.

The price in Spain has had a significant reduction percentage, they have gone from costing 149 euros to only €119 . A price with a greater distance to the AirPods, of which Apple offers for €179 . With which, the BeatsX become a more interesting option if we want superior audio quality for a more affordable price.

If we choose to buy them in the Apple Store online , the units have a shipping time of about 24 hours approximately, while in physical stores, we can find them without too much difficulty. Both in white and black.

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