Apple acknowledges the performance problem in the CPUs of the MacBook Pro 2018 — 2022

The cooling system of the new MacBook Pro 2018 has given a lot to talk about these days, and not exactly received h alagos , If not the opposite. Many users have criticized the excessive heating to which the Mac reaches when performing a demanding task like video editing. This was blamed on a problem in the cooling system that makes professionals have a bad experience using this Mac.

Apple acknowledges the problem with the ventilation of the MacBook Pro 2018

This amazing problem has been recognized by Apple a few minutes ago , something that surprises us since the same thing did not happen began when the problem with the second generation butterfly keyboards . Apple's statement on the matter says the following:

After extensive performance testing with numerous workloads, we have identified a bug that affects the thermal management system and could lead to slow clock speeds under heavy thermal loads on the new MacBook Pro. A fix for these bugs will be released. included in a supplemental update to macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. The update has been released today and its installation is recommended. We apologize to any customers who have experienced lower performance on their devices.

As we discussed last week, this ventilation failure it caused the performance of an i9 processor to be very similar or worse than that of an i7, something incomprehensible . If we wanted to have optimal performance in a MacBook Pro with an i9, we had to put it in a freezer, and the processor would start working at its maximum speed, since it was not properly cooled.

about performance.

This has been resolved with a complementary update that has been released today, accompanied by the company's apologies to all those users who have suffered this problem.

For us, these tests should have been carried out before putting this computer with such a powerful processor on sale. We think that at Apple there is enough intelligence to think that just like They must test how the ventilation reacts to a very high working pressure on the processor.

In any case, we welcome that Apple has recognized this error so soon, and with a solution such as the software update that we hope it ends up solving this error and not aggravating it.

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