Apple gives up opening an Apple Store in Israel after failing to reach an agreement with shopping malls — 2022

The expansion of Apple seems to have fallen on deaf ears in Israel because, according to the first information, the Cupertino company would have given up opening a new store in this country by not reaching any type of agreement with the shopping centers that they saw candidates to encompass a new Apple Store. This rejection is due to the fact that the owners of the shopping centers have rejected the conditions imposed by Cupertino because they are quite abusive, something that does not surprise us.

Israel won't have an Apple Store anytime soon

At first, the new Apple Store in Israel was going to be located in the Azrieli Sorona Tower which is a 61-story skyscraper in Tel Aviv. But it seems that the demanding demands that Apple usually makes have made this project fall on deaf ears.

Apple Store

It is no mystery that having an Apple Store in a shopping center gives it a certain prestige since increase customer flow. In addition, these customers have quite significant purchasing power because normally the profile of the user who usually buys in a Cupertino company store is a person with a certain economic solvency.

Having these users behind makes Apple have very demanding conditions, such as, for example, that require certain months of rent totally free or that they support you in covering the costs of marketing and inventory. Although it may seem incredible, there are many operators that help Apple with its advertising campaigns to be able to announce its new products.

In the face of such rejection from Apple they have been totally blunt and have not apparently changed their demands put on the table. When receiving the 'no' have decided to get up from the table and abandon all projects for opening a store in Israel, so until the businessmen do not want to accept these conditions, we will not see a store of this company in the country.

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