Apple puts the game of a 12-year-old boy on the cover of the App Store — 2022

Today Apple wanted to show us the idea of a 12 year old boy which he embodied in an iOS game for the App Store.

Specifically, it is about Donovan Brathwaite-Romero, a boy who, thanks to the help of his adoptive mother and father, was able to carry out the idea that Donovan had in mind, a game for the App Store .

The game consists of escaping from a zombie attack, while hand out some tacos in armored vehicles to the survivors that are found along the way. A whole fantastic story away from otherszombie games.

A story of motivation

At WWDC 2017, Apple introduced the youngest and oldest developer. With this I wanted to show that anyone who intends to make an application could do it with effort and dedication.

Now, history repeats itself with this game on the front page of the App Store, where it shares space with the application of the day, specifically Affinity Photo , a professional photography app, almost nothing.

Donovan's adoptive father affirms that they had to capture a concrete idea, since the options were too many and the development of the game could take too long.

The story published in the App Store shows how the game was developed, where they also show us some images about the sketches that were made , to later translate it into the game.

Some YouTubers altruistically recommended his game, without the young developer's parents interfering. sign that the game caused a sensation .

Of course, Donovan had to juggle his homework and other activities to get the game out. Gunman Taco Truck to the light.

The name of the game is curious, it is a mix between a game called Gun Bros, which Donovan was very fond of, along with one of his favorite foods, tacos. So the idea that I had in mind when I was 9 years old , became Gunman Taco Truck.

A well-deserved tribute from Apple to this developer just 13 years old , who is undoubtedly already thinking about launching his next game on the App Store.

Download Gunman Taco Truck

Did you find Donovan's story inspiring? What do you think of his game?