Apple proposes a new pricing policy with Apple Watch and AirPods — 2022

Historically, Apple prices have been high . Justifying them with the excellent materials, construction quality and customer service among other advantages.
But lately we have seen that some devices, specifically the Apple Watch y los AirPods , they find each other undervalued against the competition.

The Apple Watch and AirPods, at low prices

The current catalog of Apple devices is very wide, finding cheap devices and others not so .
In the case of Apple Watch and AirPods, we can see that the prices are among the lowest compared to the competition.

The Apple Watch, a watch for all budgets

Currently Apple offers a wide range of Apple Watch .
Thus we find the Series 1 and Series 2 versions, with different versions.
Precisely, the cheapest option is found at €339 .

If we look at the competition, we find alternatives such as:

  • Garmin fēnix® 5: 599.99 €
  • Samsung Gear S3:€399.00
  • LG Watch Urbane II: 499 €
  • Huawei Watch 2: 329 €

Although the Apple Watch offers alternatives for more demanding users (and who can pay for it), such as a Apple Watch Series 2 with ceramic body at €1,519.00 , we see that we find options at more reasonable prices.

AirPods, a cheap option against the competition

One of the last devices that Apple presented to us were the wireless headphones baptized as AirPods.

Although they were announced back in September 2016, it is only recently that some stock is being found in some stores.

AirPods are offered at €179 , a very good price if we look at the competition:

  • Canoe: 184 €
  • Bragi the Dash: 299 €
  • Motorola VerveOnes+: 199 €
  • Samsung Gear IconX: 189 €

Again, we see how an Apple product occupies the bottom of the list, as far as price is concerned.
Of course, in the market we find plenty of cheaper alternatives (up to 10 euros), but it is not about this high-end headset.

New pricing strategy?

Apple has been characterized by having high prices for its products. something that many called apple tax . That higher value than the competition was justified by many factors, and for a large number of users they were logical.
Now the competition seems to have modified its prices, or has Apple lowered its prices?

Many are of the opinion that this new Apple trend is aimed at attract new users . And it does not seem like a very far-fetched opinion, since in many cases those who acquire an Apple Watch or an AirPods require a device of iPhone The iPad if you want to get the most out of it.
getting with this new users and higher sales of its most important products.

Also some users believe that with this privacy policy low prices , Apple tries to monopolize more market. Thus obtaining a portion of the medium and premium segment .

What do you think? Is it a good path that seems to be traveling Apple? Should you focus on premium products?

Via MacRumors