Apple presents the best of 2017 in the App Store — 2022

Today is a day to remember the best apps, games and trends of 2017 . Thus, Apple has seen fit to show them in the App Store.

There are various categories, such as trends of the year, app of the year, match of the year, the most popular apps, the most popular games popular of the year and the best stickers of 2017.

New this year, we find the applications and games of augmented reality . A category that Apple launches this year, where we find a new way to interact with our devices.

The best app of the year

This prize is awarded to Affinity Photo . A very powerful photo editing application, capable of making the most of the capabilities of our iPad.

One of the fundamental characteristics of Affinity Photo is that it is practically the same application that we use on Mac. A powerful, powerful app capable of showing results in real time.

Currently, it has a rating of 4.1 stars and is in third position in the category of Photo and video of the App Store.

game of the year

The game of the year offers us a complete experience on all our devices, we talk about Hidden Folks . This game has been quite successful on the App Store, where it currently has a total rating of 4.9 stars.

The developers say that there are users who have contacted them because thanks to this game, they spend more time with their children, since Hidden Folks is a family game.

The theme is simple, look for hidden people in miniature landscapes, that's how the developer himself describes this game that has been awarded as game of the year by Apple .

trend of the year

The trend of the App Store has been without a doubt the augmented reality . AR apps have given developers and users a new way to interact with their devices.

In addition, many companies have seen the potential of this new technology, a clear example is Ikea , where he quickly got down to work to offer a new experience to his customers by integrating his catalog in AR.

The most popular apps of the year

This section is really interesting, because we can see the trends of the users themselves on a day-to-day basis with their devices. Without a doubt, entertainment wins.

Netflix, YouTube o HBO They are the most requested to watch streaming content. Netflix has only been with us for a short time, but it has become an essential application on our iPhone, iPad or Apple.

In music and productivity, Spotify and Google are the two companies that lead these sectors. Thanks to its free mode, Spotify has become the first choice for many users to listen to streaming music.

The same goes for Google, both Gmail What Google Drive , are very interesting and free productivity tools, where they increasingly improve integration with Apple devices.

most popular games

This part is also quite interesting because we can see what kind of games and game modes users prefer. That is, if they prefer a game freemium or if you prefer to pay once and play as many times as you want.

super mario run It was Nintendo's novelty for iOS. With a fairly shy launch in positive reviews, the truth is that the new Nintendo update has been able to win over users. With a 50% discount offer and new game modes, they have paid off, becoming one of the most popular games on the App Store.

In freemium mode, we find clash royale . A game that has managed to conquer young and old from all over the world. Its creative way of advancing without limits, forming teams with friends and games in real time, make this game addictive from minute one.

These are just some of the applications awarded by Apple for the year that we are going to end shortly, of course, there are many more, so the best thing is that you visit the App Store these days to discover all the trends.

What do you think of the best applications and games of 2017? Is yours among the favorites?