Apple prepares a non-invasive method with the Apple Watch that measures blood glucose — 2022

One of the most combated chronic diseases in the 21st century is diabetes , a problem that generates changes in the life habits of those who suffer from this circumstance, as well as that must be continuously controlled since it can generate problems in various organs. People with diabetes must continually prick themselves to control their blood glucose level, something that becomes really uncomfortable for people who must control this important aspect of their health. Many are working not only on better drugs to control this issue, but also on ways to measure blood sugar in a less harmful and annoying way. Now a group of biomedical doctors works together with Apple so that it can be done through the iPhone.

Improving blood glucose measurement systems, Apple's new goal to help us with our health

According to various rumors from Cupertino they are working on improving blood glucose monitoring , an issue that began with the former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, who wanted to develop a sensor that could monitor continuously and non-invasively blood sugar levels to improve quality of life. Apple is far enough along in its research that feasibility trials are underway at clinical sites in the San Francisco Bay Area , and has hired consultants to solve regulatory problems.

An advance that could improve the quality of life of many people with diabetes

Reports of Apple's efforts in advanced healthcare initiatives like diabetes management are not new. Apple has made several acquisitions related to health and once the Apple Watch was in development, he hired dozens of biomedical experts, the goal is clear, they want the Apple Watch to take care of our health in the future. As Apple works on its own blood sugar monitoring solution, it has released CareKit, a platform that enables application developers to create integrated software that enables patients and physicians to better manage medical conditions. The One Drop Diabetes Monitor was one of the first companies to support CareKit . Likewise, it can be supplemented withapps to control medication on iPhonethat currently have a place in the App Store.

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Via MacRumors