Apple prepares a new iCloud web design and so you can try it — 2022

Apple is working on a new iCloud web design, Focusing above all on the reminders application to be able to adapt to the new design that we have in iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina. At the moment these changes are already in the beta version of the iCloud website as reported by Federico Viticci through his Twitter account and that they could put an end to theiCloud sync issues on iPhone and iPad.

As soon as we enter this beta version of the iCloud website, we can see that it is much cleaner, but the options that we can access from each of the cloud services remain the same, except the 'Options' icon disappearing. If we want to access our account settings, we find under 'Good afternoon...' an option to access our account options.

The new Reminders design arrives on the iCloud website

The main change lies in Reminders, which, as you know, has undergone a major redesign in iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina, making it a true task application equal to others that we find in the App Store. Now this same design has been moved to the iCloud website being able to access exactly the same application from something that we certainly appreciate.

If we compare this new design with the previous one, we notice that on the welcome screen to the background becomes white leaving behind the blue background with bubbles that I did not like very much because we are used to such a clean design by Apple in its applications and services, it ends up colliding with the blue background of iCloud.

This change will end up arriving at the end of the year according to experts, although if you want you can try this new home screen in its beta version by accessing the web and signing in with our Apple ID.

It is certainly appreciated that Apple does not forget this website that many of us use it when we do not have a Mac in front of us and we must access our cloud, our Pages files or to put our lost devices in lost mode. In this way we observe how each time we will have to resort less toiCloud-like storage servicesand use this one. Remember that even if you wantdon't store photos in iCloud, this app will be very useful in other ways.

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