Apple plans to open a new Apple Store in Mexico in 2019 — 2022

Apple continues to expand throughout Latin America, something that makes us very happy, because they are a series of countries that unfortunately have been somewhat abandoned by the company led by Tim Cook, basically because their products they are too expensive compared to other countries in the world , something that we hope will change little by little. The next action of the Cupertino company in Latin America is the opening of a new Apple Store in early 2019 that will continue as a flagship store for all of South America.

Mexico will receive a second Apple Store in 2019

Today we have been able to learn that from Apple they have obtained permission to start building a new Apple Store in Antara Fashion Hall, in El Barrio de Polanco in Mexico City. This information has been collected in AppleInsider referring to a source familiar with the company.

Source: Apple Insider

the first thought of the company was to acquire a commercial premises in the Antara shopping center, but in the end they are going to build a completely independent building on the grounds of this shopping center. Currently, we can see how the barriers have already been placed to start construction, as you can see in the previous image.

From the company they want to build a very large store that will be the main store in all of Latin America. This idea will materialize with the incorporation of a meeting room to hold public meetings and different areas to be able to take courses on the company's products. All this would be thought to create a feeling of community.

We will have to wait to see all the details of this store, although it will surely look a lot like the one we see in Chicago which was inaugurated in October, with very interesting furniture and is spectacularly beautiful.

Mexico already has the Apple Store in Santa Fe , which is doing very well in terms of sales and visits. Now, the second Apple Store will arrive in this country and we hope it will work great.

And of course, from here we do a call for the company to explore the possibility of opening new stores in the rest of Latin American countries, to avoid intermediaries, and a technical service such as Apple's is available.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about this future opening in 2019. Do you think this second store will be well received?