Apple plans to charge electric cars with MagSafe — 2022

Apple rescued with the new iPhone 12 theMagSafe technologywhich was very present in the Macs of a few years ago. Apparently the iPhone 12 and future ones will not be the only ones to include MagSafe, but Apple Cars could also integrate it. In this article we tell you all the details of the new patent that rescues the idea of ​​an Apple car.

Apple proposes a charging system for vehicles

There have been many rumors that Apple was working on the creation of a new autonomous car. This idea was disappearing over time due to the complications that Apple faced with its Titan Project. Although there have been many patents that have been released in this regard and despite the fact that everything seemed to have been left in the development of software for other brands, it could not be so.

What is known about this Titan Project is that Apple plans to design a 100% electric car. In this way they respond to their efforts to protect the environment with numerous measures that have been carried out in recent months. The basic problem of this type of vehicle with respect to combustion vehicles is that the user must always remember to charge it by plugging it into an electrical outlet in order to use it the next day. This problem Apple wants to alleviate with a new charging system that they have patented that allows a user to park the vehicle and that it begins to recharge automatically. This patent is titled ‘Charging Station with Passive Alignment Mechanism’.

The charging station proposed in the patent shows a plug with a system of rods that will allow the plug to be moved vertically and horizontally so that it can be connected to the car. In this way, the only thing the driver has to do is park the electric vehicle as close as possible to the plug itself. Yes ok, you don't need a perfect car park since the plug within a range will be able to move to position itself and connect it. Once the charger has been aligned to the vehicle's input socket, all you have to do is open the charging hatch and plug it in.

All of this is based on something very similar to MagSafe which allows the charging coils of an iPhone to be aligned with a charger by magnetic attraction. Its ultimate goal is to facilitate the charging of electric vehicles, which is one of the biggest problems for drivers today. We must remember that society is heading for a fleet of vehicles focused on electric mobility.

Is the idea of ​​an Apple car coming back?

There are many patents that Apple presents with ideas very similar to this one. At first they are quite ingenious and innovative and they try to correct a problem in society and above all looking to the future. Obviously this is a system that can be applied initially to numerous cars of other brands than Apple. That is why this Apple-patented charging station may not correspond to a launch in the coming years of the much-mentioned Apple Car. What is possible is that the company takes the course of helping other companies in this regard to continue evolving. with your car systems.