Apple would plan to present a 6.5-inch iPhone at a reasonable price — 2022

Something already sounded is that Apple will surprise us in September with the presentation of three new devices. One of them would be larger than the current iPhone X, the second of them will be an improved version of what we currently have on the table and finally a cheaper iPhone accessible to all audiences.

Will we see a 6.5-inch iPhone at a reasonable price?

This would respond to the sales that occurred in Q1 2018. Sales that, although they were good, disappointed investors, since they sold 77.3 million units, less than the same period last year. It is obvious that Apple has reflected in order to improve sales, and one of the reasons would be the excessive price of the iPhone X that would have put many users back.

In the launches that we will see in the month of September we would find a device with a 6.5-inch screen as stated today Mark Gurman on Bloomberg. P So that we get an idea, it will be the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus but obviously with the entire front as a screen.

This iPhone would already have the code name D33 , which would have a resolution 1242×2688 as has been confirmed by a source close to the design of this terminal. This model would include Face ID and an OLED screen. The second generation of the current iPhone X appears to be codenamed D32 which would include the A12 processor.

This new iPhone will have a more sensible price, something that all users will appreciate, since paying so much money for a device has caused Even if they have higher profits, they end up selling fewer devices. In addition, the devices could have a dual Sim although it is something not yet decided by Apple, and can wait for the integration of the E-Sim.

We will have to wait to see if these rumors end up being fulfilled or not, since there are still many months ahead until we see this long-awaited Keynote from Apple.