Apple Pay Cash, rebranded as 'Apple Cash', will start charging fees for transfers between contacts — 2022

Apple Pay Cash, known from now on as Apple Cash , arrived with iOS 11 to facilitate transfers between friends. This service, which has not yet been implemented in countries like Spain, allows two contacts to transfer money from their credit cards entered in Apple Pay through iMessage. However, this service will undergo several changes as Apple has been informing some customers through an informative email. Below we tell you about these changes.

The renowned Apple Cash will charge commissions

Yesterday was intense as far as Apple service presentations are concerned. In relation to payments, the Apple Card credit card was presented. The great advantage of this, among others, will be that it will not charge commissions for making transfers and will even reimburse part of the payments made with it day by day.

Apple Cash

As bad news today we find that Apple has decided that another service available to start charging commissions. that service is Apple Cash , known until yesterday as Apple Pay Cash and has now changed its name to try not to confuse users with so many service names. Until now, this service allowed transfers between two contacts They will not include commissions and in this way users can enjoy a great user experience when, for example, two friends go to dinner and one pays the bill but receives the other's share through Apple Cash. however now commissions will be charged for using this service.

Without a doubt, this new measure is going to be frustrating for many people. In the case of users in the United States, it will be a loss because payments through this service were somewhat popular. However, in this country you will find that the Apple Card will be available soon while in other countries not only will the Apple Card not arrive yet but they have not received support for Apple Cash either and when they do have it, commissions will already be found.

Apple Pay in Spain made a feint to arrive with the Cash functionality with iOS 12.1. We call it a feint because it didn't really come as such. The service is visible from within iMessage conversations, as are Animoji icons and other message functionality. However, when trying to carry out an operation in Apple Cash, we find a message informing that the other user does not have this service active. The reality is that the message is somewhat wrong since no one in Spain can access payments through Apple Cash.

what do you think about this news? Do you think Apple is right to start charging commissions through Apple Cash? Leave us your impressions in the comments.