Apple Park offices take better shape for the month of April — 2022

Step by step, suave suavecito… these are the lyrics of the song by Luis Fonsi that could perfectly define the last months of work on the brand-new Apple Park . The next headquarters of Apple is taking shape before the imminent transfer by the majority of the employees of the Californian company.

New video where we see the final touches of Apple Park

Another drone view video (courtesy of Matthew Roberts ) shows us that Apple's new headquarters is about to begin the transfer of staff to the new company offices.

In this video you can see the progress made in recent weeks, including the continuous work by employees in charge of gardening of this new campus. However, there are other noteworthy developments such as the solar installations of Apple Park, the finishing touches and even the first signs of life in these offices: already placed office chairs, tables and other equipment that are installed inside.

Also shown in Matthew's bird's-eye view video the entrance to the new underground Steve Jobs Auditorium , which will have a capacity of nothing more and nothing less than 1000 seats . A special place where the next Apple devices will surely begin to be revealed in future events and presentations.

The final works in Apple's Steve Jobs Auditorium

Although not many weeks ago there were rumors of the possibility of a possible Keynote next April in the new Apple Park (possibly to unveil new iPad models), seeing the images I think it is impossible for it to be true. It is clear that there is still a lot of landscaping and finishing work to be done at least at the entrance to the auditorium before it becomes available to host a new event.

Recall that after the latest updates made by Apple this month ( iPhone 7 under the Product RED brand, new low-cost iPads and updates to other models, new straps for the Apple Watch, etc. ) there was no presentation or event, perhaps due to the lack of time at the conclusion of the new Apple Park. However, Apple is expected to hold an event where it renews the different models of the iPad Pro Let's see what's new in the Apple Watch and of course the great and desired iPhone 8 (or iPhone X, whatever you want to call it from Cupertino).

For now, today only We have available (and confirmed) the date of the next WWDC (June 5) where we will foreseeably see the new versions of software that Apple prepares for its different devices ( iOS 11, macOS 10.13, watchOS 4, etc. ) As that day arrives, we can watch the video of our friend Matthew Roberts and see one of the last decisions Steve Jobs made in life, the development of Apple Park and its impressive auditorium.