Apple officially launches iOS 11.3 and these are its news — 2022

Apple has released iOS 11.3 for all available devices after going through a very extensive beta process, which has sought to get an update that removes problems for users and not even more bugs as we have seen in previous versions. After personally testing it in the latest betas, I have noticed a considerable improvement in the performance and autonomy of the devices, both the most current and the oldest, by incorporating the possibility of eliminating the scheduled slowdown that Apple had imposed on iPhones with degraded battery.

In this video by Fernando Del Moral you can find all the novelties summarized:

iOS 11.3, the update that will save your iPhone

The novelty that stands out the most in this update is the new section that we find in Preferences > Battery , which has been named health of your battery , where we can find the information on the maximum capacity of our battery. That is, here we will see in percentage the capacity of our battery, although we would appreciate having this value in a number of mAh, in addition to the percentage.

Under this data we find the option of deactivate, in case our battery is degraded, the programmed slowdown imposed by Apple. This has been a very controversial point for those in Cupertino these months, since older iPhones with degraded batteries have seen their performance significantly diminished without notifying us in advance. Now with iOS 11.3 You can choose between having greater autonomy or better performance. This is what we should have seen from minute 0 of iOS 11, letting the user choose what they want.

For me, this new section of information about our battery is quite green, since I think that, like third-party applications, they give us much more data such as temperature, amperage, voltage… Apple can also provide us with this same information in this tab and so on. not having to resort to other applications, although this can continue to evolve and end up being something interesting.

We found other novelties in this update that are:

    New Animojis for the iPhone X.These animated emojis with our own face using Face ID have been one of the most notorious novelties that the iPhone X has had, being able to see many animations with these characters on the internet, including Karaokes. We currently have 16 new characters at our disposal, which will include four new ones, such as a lion, a dragon, a bear or a skull.

    New Augmented Reality experience. With the arrival of ARKit in iOS 11, the App Store has been plagued with new applications that are based on this technology and they are incredible. In iOS 11.3 we have the possibility to enjoy a greater experience already developers have been given better tools.
    Now in addition to detecting horizontal surfaces such as the floor or tables, virtual objects can also be placed on non-regulating surfaces such as non-circular tables. Also when you focus on a surface like a poster, it will be able to have some kind of augmented reality interaction with our camera, very similar to what we see in the new S9. We will leave this in the hands of the developers to see what they surprise us with. We will see all this evolved in the WWDC 2018 .

    Health Improvementswith the possibility of incorporating more medical information such as analytical results, vital signs, allergies... This will be intended for the clinics and hospitals that will work with Health, something that unfortunately is probably only seen in the US and not in the rest of the countries. New chat for contact between customers and companies through Messages. A few weeks ago we saw the arrival of WhatsApp Business , and something similar is what we will see in iOS, specifically in Messages in the iOS 11.3 update. From Messages, an employer can contact a customer to exchange a service or make purchases with Apple Pay directly from Messages. Apple Music will offer music videoswithout any advertising. This will be the same as watching the video clip of a song on YouTube, but on Apple Music, something that we have found very interesting.

These are all the most relevant news that we see in iOS 11.3 as well as the various bug fixes , although there are still others in the boat. I have personally seen one smoother on my iPhone X and iPhone 6s as I have commented in other posts, and that is why we recommend you update your compatible iOS device now. Remember to make a backup before proceeding to update, for what may happen.

And what about Apple Pay Cash ? It has not yet been extended to all users, but there are quite a few people who have it already activated on their terminal, something that surprises us. We think that they are integrating it little by little in Spain, waiting to see how it works in order to finish implementing it.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about this update. Have you installed it already? Tell us in the comment box your impressions.