Apple offers discounts to buy a new Mac — 2022

Buying a Mac, as a general rule, is not an easy decision considering that there is no low-end in these computers, but rather that everything is high-end and therefore they are expensive devices. However, Apple would have taken into account a request that consumers have been making for years and that would greatly facilitate the purchase of a new computer, without having to resort to the always usefulrefurbished macswhich also have a lower price.

Delivery of old Mac to buy a new one

Several years ago, Apple established an iPhone replacement program through which we can buy a new one by handing over the old one, thereby obtaining a discount. This same tactic will be available next month in the purchase of the entire range of Mac computers that are made in a physical store, which could make this process much easier. So at least they report from Bloomberg , medium that always usually has very truthful information about the Cupertino company.

A similar, but not identical, strategy was available in the Apple Store Online, so this would also serve to favor purchases made in the company's stores. Of course, for the moment it will be established only in USA Y Canada , the main countries in which Californians have the largest market share and which could ultimately serve as a test bed to take this system to other European and Asian countries.

In fact, it would make all the sense in the world to see a program of this type in territories like Spain, where Macs are tremendously well-known but not as popular as in other countries. Although we do not have studies that analyze this behavior, we can guess that price is an important factor that makes users end up opting for alternatives from the competition. If with the iPhone we are already beginning to see significant growth due to cheaper devices such as the iPhone 11 and XR or discounts when delivering an old one, the fact of having it on Macs would be the least attractive for many users who wish to renew their old manzanitas and don't want to spend so much on a new one.

Spanish Apple Store open

In another order of things, it must be remembered that all Spanish territories are, at a minimum, in phase 2 of the de-escalation proposed by the national government. This implies the opening of shopping centers with reduced capacity and also other types of establishments. Most of the Apple stores in our country are located in a shopping center, so they have decided to reopen their doors again after they had to close after the declaration of a state of alarm on March 15. Thus all are already open .

Apple Store Puerta del Sol

However, we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the fact that the number of infections and deaths from this disease is reducing. That is why the company has implemented special security measures very similar to those it is carrying out in other countries. First of all, it is only allowed to pass to those who plan to make a purchase or have an appointment with technical support. For the time being, going to the Apple Store to enjoy touching the devices on display is over. In fact, many have not yet been able to see the new iPad Pro 2020 or the iPhone SE and will have to settle for seeing them in passing if they have a special order in stores.

The capacity of these stores is also limited and a temperature control at the entrance to prevent a coronavirus suspect from accessing the premises. In some stores such as Sol in Madrid or Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona it is the only control of this type, but in shopping centers there may also be this measurement at the entrance of the same and therefore users would have to submit twice. to the same test. In any case, it seems very positive to us and we will have no other choice but to assume it as one more routine than what we already know as the new normality.