Apple Music or Spotify, which is better? we analyze it — 2022

There has always been a rivalry between Apple Music and Spotify . Many of us are users who doubt whether to use one music service or another and that is why we have decided to make a confrontation to see which of the services is better today. Let's go there.

Content from both platforms

One of the most important points when it comes to being able to establish a winner, if there is one, between the two largest music services, is undoubtedly the content that you have available in each of them. Surely for the less demanding public, both platforms are totally valid and they never have any problem when searching for a certain song. However, for other users who have very specific musical tastes, this section will be key.

music service

Obviously a music service should be measured by the number of songs it makes available to users. This is the same thing that happens with multimedia services such as Netflix or Apple TV + whose content is an important weight to decide between one or the other.

In this case Spotify has a great musical repertoire of more than 30 million songs adding thousands day by day. Obviously looking at these figures we can get an idea of ​​the monstrosity that Spotify is today, and with all the years of service it has behind it.

Apple Music

But Apple Music is not far behind at all. If we look at a recent study that pointed out, roughly, how many songs each of the Apple services has on the street. Specifically Spotify has 35 million songs while Apple Music reaches up to 45 millions , so there is a more than clear difference between both services.

But if there is something that characterizes Apple, it is exclusivity and this has led it to the field of its music service. By this we mean that the Cupertino company signs agreements with great artists to exclusively have their new albums and songs. In this way those users who have Apple Music can enjoy songs first before going to market. Obviously this is not a very honorable practice, but we must take it into account in this comparison.

Podcast support

In recent years, podcasts have been gaining a lot of strength in our lives. There are many programs that we can find in different applications such as Apple Podcast or iVoox, among others. And oddly enough, Spotify also has a big gap reserved for these podcast programs that have gained a lot of relevance.

Users seek comfort and have all the content we listen to in the same application. And this fact is undoubtedly a point in favor for Spotify that includes everything in your service . At Apple for now we must settle for listening to podcasts in an application other than Apple Music. In the future it is possible that they will end up merging these audio contents in order to facilitate the task for users.

iPad Podcast Microphone

In addition, the controls that Spotify offers to be able to control the reproduction of the podcasts are quite good. By this we mean that you don't have to envy anything to those apps that are only dedicated to storing and playing podcasts. In fact, Spotify in this sense has been able to hit the table, for this it has acquired Anchor, which is one of the most popular platforms in the world when it comes to distributing podcasts, but it has achieved with it , that many users use their application not only to listen to music, but also to listen to their favorite podcasts.

Devices they are available on

Something very important that will make one platform stand out from the other is compatibility with the different devices that are on the market today. In this case, Apple has always been a company that has preferred to keep its ecosystem closed, however, and surely due to its own need to compete with Spotify, it has made Apple Music possible to be present on practically all devices.

Mobile phones, computers and others

Although the Cupertino company has a reputation for having a totally hermetic operating system, the truth is that Apple Music is quite open. through the itunes application we find the possibility of using this service in Windows beyond using it in the Apple ecosystem. Needless to mention, the Music app is available on both Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, and even Apple Watch.

But luckily Spotify is also available on many operating systems and platforms from both Apple and others. For example, we can have the application installed on macOS, Windows, iOS, Android operating systems and even on game consoles and more. It is for all this that we believe that Spotify is a winner on compatible devices.

HomePod and HomePod mini

This is a very important section for those who want to form or who already have an Apple ecosystem in their home and the HomePod and/or HomePod mini are part of said ecosystem. In the case of Apple Music, the integration is simply perfect, in fact, it would be almost essential to have an active Apple Music account to truly enjoy all the options offered by both HomePod and HomePod mini. The user experience that Apple Music provides in this case with these devices is really a joy.

In the case of Spotify, the integration with both devices has improved over time, and users can already ask the HomePod or HomePod mini to play music through Spotify, however, it is not as comfortable to use due to because the commands you have to say to Siri are very specific. Surely the ideal for both to compete on equal terms at this point is that Apple will let the user select which they want to be the default music service to use on the HomePod or HomePod mini.

In addition, you have to take another point into account, and that is that just like in the Spotify applications in iOS and iPadOS, you can send the songs to your different HomePods through AirPlay, if you use the web service or even the application itself on your Mac. of Spotify, it does not allow you to use AirPlay, so you can only send music to one HomePod or a pair of HomePods at a time, never to all of them at the same time. Undoubtedly, this is a point that needs to be improved by this service, especially considering that both the iPhone and the iPad do allow users to do so, and it is strange and incomprehensible that such a simple and so used by users who have different speakers compatible with AirPlay, it is not present in the application for macOS or in the web service itself.

How do they look visually?

We are not going to fool ourselves into thinking that aesthetics do not matter, in fact, as these are two music services that are very similar in practically all sections, this is for many users the point that makes them opt for one alternative or another.

desktop interface

Both Spotify and Apple Music have dedicated applications for both Mac and Windows computers. It is true that in the case of Windows, using Apple Music can be somewhat more tedious because must be used through iTunes and it is not easy to find the option.

In this section, without a doubt, we believe that the winner is Spotify since we have a bar with numerous sections on the left. These include access to our personalized and shared lists that we can order according to our preferences. In addition, the possibility of going to the to the ‘Explore’ section where you can access new music depending on your own tastes because there is a wide range of emotions to choose from.

In the case of Apple Music, we have a dedicated application in macOS where we can access our entire music library as well as the lists we have made. But we need it to be a lot more accessible with a bar on one of the sides to quickly go to the lists we have created. It is true that visually it is very beautiful and little by little they are ordering all its contents but that extra point of accessibility is still missing.

mobile interface

Where we use these music services most often is undoubtedly on our mobile phones. It is for this reason that companies must strive to improve the mobile version to offer a satisfactory experience.

In the iPhone version of Spotify, as soon as we access it, we have a series of tabs at the bottom to be able to quickly access our library and favorite lists. Although intelligently on the home screen we will have access to a series of musical sections where we can choose the last album we've heard for example. But in the case of Apple Music, we do find many tabs at the bottom where the radio, the library, the 'For you' section or the search engine itself are integrated. On the main screen we will also have intelligent access to different content that may attract us because we have already played it in the past or for other reasons.

Apple Music Movil

Both Spotify and Apple Music are integrated with Siri to be able to make the requests that we want through the voice, something ideal for when we cannot pick up the mobile. But the only problem is that in the case of Spotify this integration is not as well done as in the case of Apple Music, although this is totally logical since we are talking about an app that is designed by Apple. This section is also important to highlight when using the HomePod, but Spotify integrates with many other speakers, such as Amazon's.

Main features of each

Another point where both platforms can differ from one another is the recommendations or lists that these services personalize for all users, that is, the specific functionalities that both Apple Music and Spotify try to carry out so that the most indecisive users opt for one and another.


Sometimes we can get tired of always listening to the same music and these applications they should give us the opportunity to write new songs. That is why the algorithms that analyze our tastes to show us different proposals have been intensifying.

In the case of Spotify, on a weekly basis a totally personalized list is created to our tastes with songs that we have never heard. In this way we can have in our hands new songs with personalized lists, although we will also have a discoveries tab that is updated. In addition, as we have mentioned before, there is a section where we can play music depending on the environment where we are or our state of mind. All this can be found in the 'Explore' section both on our mobile and on the computer.

Explore Spotify

In Apple Music we have a somewhat similar system although avoid taking advantage of our personal tastes . When we access the service for the first time we have the possibility to choose our personal tastes in the musical aspect. In this way, the application will offer us a selection of songs from the beginning for ourselves if we don't want to introduce our favorite singer-songwriters.

Made for You by Apple Music


The 'Radio' section may be a section that is somewhat unknown to you or that you do not understand. The truth is that Spotify have tried to enhance this aspect a lot. In short, when we play the radio of a singer or a list, songs related to a specific genre will begin to play, for example.

In Apple there is the same integrated option although in a more integrated way thanks to the radio Beats 1 . Surely it sounds like a lot to you since it is here where the hits of the moment sound, being a radio that is totally controlled by the company as if it were Europa FM or the 40 Principales here in Spain. To give you an idea Beats 1 is the radio that can be heard before an Apple presentation event begins to liven up the wait.

Beats 1

We believe that it is worth, and quite a bit, to be able to take a look at this playback mode since we will be able to discover a lot of new songs.

offline music download

In both services when we pay the fee we also acquire the right to be able to download all the music we want on our mobile to be able to play it when we do not have an internet connection. This can be tremendously useful when we are going to take a long plane trip.

In both Apple Music and Spotify we can download a complete album of an author or a personalized list in a really simple way. It will only take up space on the internal drive of our mobile but it will always be accessible.

Download music on Apple Music

social section

Both Apple Music and Spotify are two applications to listen to music, but they are also two ways in which you can be in contact with other users or friends, since in both services you have the possibility of using joint lists, or simply the fact of being able to see what your friends usually listen to.

However, in this sense there is one that is quite above the other. In Spotify this social section that we are talking about is much more accessible, while in the music service of the Cupertino company everything is much more hidden and there are several steps you have to take to access it. Therefore, something that Apple Music has to improve a lot is to make this section that so many users use in Spotify much more accessible, since it is also a very appropriate way to discover music that you had not heard until now.

Monthly and annual subscription prices

One of the most important aspects is undoubtedly economic. In both Apple Music and Spotify there is a wide variety of plans and prices that adapt to the needs of all users. The following table provides a summary of these prices.

PlanApple MusicSpotifyWhat includes?
Standard (monthly)€9.99/month€9.99/monthAccess to the service from a single account
Annual€99/year-Access to the service for a whole year.
Familiar€14.99/month€14.99/monthAccess to the service for up to 6 people who are within the same family.
Students€4.99/month€4.99/monthOnly students. A single account. A series of requirements must be met.

It can be seen that clearly there is no difference between both services at the price level and that both have family and student subscriptions. It is true that in the case of Spotify they are much more serious with respect to those who take advantage of the family plan since they must reside in the same address. In this aspect, Apple is more flexible since the family that is formed within the ecosystem itself is taken into account.

If you are new to any of these services, you should be aware that Apple launches different trial period plans. Currently you can get up to 3 month subscription from a single account for a payment of €0.99. We are not going to see this on Spotify except for a few days of free trial of Premium.

Where Spotify really has an advantage is in the free program . In this, users can listen to all the music they want without paying a single euro. The only thing they have to give in return is to listen to a series of announcements. That is why this service has a greater number of users than Apple Music who do not use this free playback program.

Opinion and conclusion

If you are not within the Apple ecosystem and want to use Spotify on many devices like your PS4 or the Xbox without a doubt Apple Music is not intended for you. It is true that the service has improved a lot in recent years, but there is still a long way to go before it comes close to Spotify in terms of accessibility in the web version.

The little integration that Spotify has with Siri, forces a person who is within the Apple ecosystem to go to Apple Music. In the future, it is possible that we will not have to give Siri very specific instructions to control our music on the mobile or on the HomePod. It is for all this that if you are in the Apple ecosystem, it is best to go for Apple Music and if not, go for Spotify.

And you, what service do you use on a daily basis? Leave us your experience in the comment box.