Apple Music lands on Samsung Smart TVs — 2022

Samsung was one of the pioneers in including AirPlay 2 and access to iTunes in its smart televisions. This integration into the Apple ecosystem does not stop growing, since recently Samsung televisions have included in their application store Apple Music . In this way, playing our songs from Apple's music service will be much easier than ever on a television, resembling Spotify, for example.

Apple Music design on Samsung TVs

Anyone who has enjoyed having an Apple TV in their possession already knows the experience. The application is quite similar in design to the one in this tvOS and will allow us to play more than 6 0 million songs no advertising. We will also have the possibility of viewing both music videos and the thousands of playback tracks that are included in the service.

Special emphasis is placed on the radio station Beats 1, owned by Apple itself. In this you can listen to numerous hits from artists such as Frank Ocean, Nicki Minaj, The Weekend, DJ Khaled. But this is not left here since a new space called ‘At Home Witch Apple Music’ where exclusive playlists, group FaceTime calls with artists, unpublished interviews and endless more content will be grouped together. Apple Music is a service that every day convinces more people to be the streaming music player on a daily basis, especially thanks also to certain apps that enable the transition from other services to Apple's own, such as, for example, theapps that transfer your music from Spotify to Apple Music.

The vice president of strategic partnerships and business development at Samsung Electronics has stated the following:

Our goal has always been to offer the best entertainment experiences to our users, and we are more committed to that mission than ever, especially if people spend more time at home. Last year, we were the first TV manufacturer to offer the Apple TV app, and today, we're the first to offer Apple Music. Our partnership with Apple has been instrumental in providing consumers with different entertainment options, especially as they seek more content options on their Smart TVs.

Compatible televisions

This application will be available in 2018, 2019 and 2020 models which are the same models that include the iTunes and TV application to play certain multimedia content. This does not seem like a coincidence, and surely all the models that come out from now on compatible with iTunes and TV will also include theapp de Apple Music. Obviously on televisions that include AirPlay 2 we can easily control our music thanks to Siri from any device that has the assistant such as the iPhone or HomePod.

This is very good news for those users who are within the Apple ecosystem and have a compatible TV. Obviously the strategy that Apple is following is to have the largest possible target audience and this is achieved by being present in many teams. Nobody thought they were going to expand to Android and they did, now they are expanding to smart TVs. In addition, with the arrival of Apple Music at Samsung, a 3 month trial period which are totally free.

For fans of technology, it is certainly great news that two leading technology companies are collaborating in this way. Although in the past they have had several more than obvious conflicts, little by little the relations between both companies are materializing in a good way.