Apple Music will have a Top 100 songs, although limited — 2022

Californians Music Streaming service goes one step further to offer an interesting feature in Apple Music , the Top 100 songs of each country.

This novelty is quite similar to what we already found in Spotify , but the big difference is that Apple will offer its top songs using only the data of users subscribed to Apple Music and not at a general level.

The launch is expected to be official with the release of iOS 12 Y macOS Mojave , although users who are in the beta of these operating systems can already explore the Top 100 which will be updated automatically every day.

Spotify Apple

The category lists offered by Spotify have been very well received by users since its inception, where they can discover new songs and artistic songs from different categories, both by country and by country. musical genres .

Apple's proposal is to do something similar, where they will group the songs most heard for each country or region. But as we say, it will be using the data of users who are Apple Music subscribers and only by country, not by category. With which, it is very possible that the themes offered are somewhat different from those offered by other streaming music services.

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Which music streaming service do you use the most? For what reason?