Apple Music and Apple TV + could finally come to Windows — 2022

Apple has always been cataloged as being a very closed company, either because of its operating systems or its services. Over the years, this has not gone badly for the company, although the truth is that a greater opening is being seen, especially since Tim Cook has been CEO. Gone are the days when Californians were fighting fiercely with Microsoft, and the latest proof of this is that two very popular Apple services could be about to reach the Windows operating system.

Goodbye to iTunes on Windows?

The Microsoft Store, Windows application store, could already be ready to receive a new application developed by Apple. At least this suggests the Italian website Lumia updates , from which it has been possible to obtain key information that reveals the plans of the company directed by Tim Cook. This is also not a surprise, since the company already had dedicated programs on the Microsoft platform and in fact it was known several months ago that they were developing a new suite of tools for the rival macOS operating system.

Behind the demise of itunes With macOS Catalina, Windows computers have been the only ones to continue to have this tool (apart from Macs that stayed on macOS Mojave and earlier). This Apple software has always been versatile, being used to rent movies, download music and even synchronize devices such as the iPhone with a computer. However, this compendium of functionalities is today something too tedious and not very intuitive, especially considering that Apple already has new services such as Apple TV+ .

Precisely the platform of Apple series and movies could be present in the Microsoft Store. Until now it is a service closed to Apple devices and somecompatible televisions. If its arrival on Windows is confirmed, it would not be strange to see it end up reaching Android, although in this case the company could choose another strategy. In any case, it would be a very celebrated news and that it would serve those of Cupertino to continue attracting followers to a service that is increasingly having a broader catalog.

Perhaps it is just one or several applications that Apple launches, but it seems evident that the service of Apple Music could have its own space. The growth of this platform in recent years has been very positive and has even unseated giants like Spotify in some territories, so adding the service to a new operating system could just catapult this success.

iPhone and iPad management in Windows

If finally this new or new applications end up making iTunes disappear, the big question will remain as to howmanage an iPhone or iPad with a Windows PC. Perhaps this functionality is included in these new tools, as is already the case with Finder on Macs. However, there is another possibility that, far from being a certainty, is rather a possibility that strikes us as we observe Apple's strategy with its phones. Next year could be the first in which an iPhone without any type of port is seen, which would favor that synchronization with computers or the procedures related to updates could be carried out one hundred percent through the device itself. This has already been discussed before and if it finally happens, it is possible that a computer is no longer necessary for any Apple device.

Be that as it may, we will have to keep waiting to find out all the news that Apple will bring to Windows. Surely there will be necessary updates considering that there are many users who have devices from the company and yet they are managed with the Microsoft operating system. Canmanage Apple Music playlistseven from the PC it will be great news.