Apple temporarily re-signs certain versions of iOS 10 by mistake — 2022

There are many of you who ask us how to go back in the operating system and return to a version of iOS prior to the one we currently have due to the problems it is having in terms of performance and autonomy. But it is not possible to do downgrade when Apple stops signing the iOS version we want to migrate to which typically stops a few weeks after an update is released.

Apple makes a mistake and re-signs old versions of iOS

Although Apple when it stops signing a version, it does not return to it for obvious reasons, something exceptional happened a few hours ago, have re-signed some very old versions of operating systems , even iOS 7 for older iPhones.

This discovery has been discovered thanks to a thread in Reddit where the alarm has gone off when seeing in IPSW what versions such as iOS 10.2, iOS 10.1 or iOS 10.3 were signed

This error has already been solved, and if you try to go to the IPSW website you will see that it will not let you download iOS 10, because it is no longer signed.

But unfortunately this has lasted in the morning of today and it is already because in iPhone from 6 onwards they have already stopped signing iOS 10. We still don't know if this was an error from Apple or if it was completely intentional, It is something that we believe will remain an anecdote, if nobody enlightens us with the truth, which it seems not.

who was quick will have been able to leave iOS 11 behind and return to a much more stable version as it was iOS 10. The rest of the users will have to wait for future updates of iOS 11 provide this stability that we want , since I think we will never see this error again in Apple.

Leave us in the comment box what do you think about this step by Apple, mistake or intentional?