Apple mistakenly sends invitations to test the Apple Card to people outside the US — 2022

Last week Apple began sending invitations to users to give them the opportunity to apply for the Apple Card before opening applications in bulk. Undoubtedly, this movement of sending invitations little by little aims to ensure that the system does not collapse and to perfectly monitor the traffic of requests that are arriving so that there are no errors.

It is known by many that unfortunately this Apple credit card It can only be requested by people who reside in the United States and are over 18 years of age. That is why it is logical that the invitations only reach these people, but the reality is very different since they are reaching people from all over the world, such as Spain, as we know.

Apple excites users who cannot apply for the Apple Card

But you should not get excited if you receive this invitation, because if you are not from the United States you will not be able to apply for the credit card by following the link in this invitation, because is not available anywhere else in the world at the moment . In the future, it may end up being extended to other regions such as Europe, although for now we must look at North America with great envy for having access to this incredible service.

From AppleInsider claim that they have received emails from people stating this problem since France, England, Ireland, Canada or Spain . According to everyone, when they open the invitation link and enter their Apple ID, they get the error 'Invalid Apple ID to continue'.

From Apple they have already declared that they are aware of this situation and from Support they are trying to fix this problem through the engineering department to filter the list of emails so that invitations are only sent to people who can actually register for this new service. Without a doubt, it must be very frustrating to receive an invitation to a service of this caliber and find that you cannot access it.

People who thought it was a phishing email can be totally calm, although obviously we always recommend distrusting and always checking the recipient of the emails we receive with links. But we reaffirm what we said a few days ago: Only if you are from the US and over 18 years of age you can have a titanium card with the Apple lake.

We do not know very well when the Apple Card could arrive in other countries outside the US, although everything seems to indicate that Canada will be the next country where it will land. Then Europe may be the next on the list since we commented that the Apple Card trademark was registered in this territory, something that gives us great hope that it will soon reach Spain and other European countries.

I'm sure that refund would come in handy too.

Leave us in the comment box if you have received an email inviting you to apply for the Apple Card.