Apple could be developing its own modem for future iPhones — 2022

The war between Apple and Qualcomm is still open. After knowing a few weeks ago that those from Cupertino could be tryingrob engineersto chipmakers now we echo a news from The Information in which it is stated that it is possible that Apple is designing itself the modems that it will incorporate into its iPhone from 2021.

Apple continues down the path of developing its own chips

It seems that Apple is increasingly working more for develop their own chips themselves . It is the case of the famouschip T2that the company is incorporating into its latest Mac models, both desktop and portable MacBooks. Also developed by the company is the range of A-series processors such as the A12 Bionic of the new iPad Pro and the iPhone XS and XR. The Apple Watch, AirPods and some Beats headphones also have chips developed by the company.

Thelegal battlethat Apple is going through with its main chip manufacturer, Qualcomm, is experiencing its most critical moment and that is why it is not surprising that we now know data about some new modems that would be entirely designed by Tim Cook's company.

MacBook Air 2018

The new MacBook Air is one of the devices with Apple's own chips

According to a report by The Information, an anonymous source familiar with Apple's plans has claimed that the company has a team of engineers working at its headquarters in Northern California . This working group could be made up of engineers from the area of San Diego , where Qualcomm has its headquarters. These workers would have been working for several months to develop a chip that would serve as a modem for future iPhones.

Now Apple has provided the clearest evidence yet that it is working on one of the most complicated and expensive hardware components of its devices: the cellular modem. In a job listing posted a week ago, the company said it is looking for a cellular modem systems architect to work out of its San Diego office. Post The Information.

This information gives us to understand that Apple would still be starting to develop its own modem so it is foreseeable that these will not be incorporated into their devices for a few years . According to analyst estimates it would be 2021 the year we saw these chips in the iPhone.