Apple Maps will soon have a web version — 2022

Apple does not stop improving its services and applications with the aim of giving the user a better user experience, something that we appreciate. The Cupertino company is currently working intensively on give Apple Maps a web version, a project that currently is in beta and that we will soon see in operation.

Apple Maps continues to evolve

Until now, the developer who wanted to include a map on his website could not use Apple's service, since there is no possibility to integrate Apple Maps with a website, With a few exceptions, such as in the Apple Store Online itself or in the Find My iPhone service.

Source: 9to5Mac

The WWDC which is currently being held has been the ideal place to announce to developers the arrival of the MapKit JS tool , with which they can generate custom map widgets with the Apple brand in order to include them on the web through HTML code.

This tool is very similar to the one that developers have in iOS where they can include custom maps in the applications. That is why we did not understand why this integration could not be done on the websites, developers having to resort to Google maps , although it is true that they are more universal than those of Apple.

In these maps, developers can customize them to their liking, including annotations or changing views. Obviously the user You will be able to zoom in or out on the map with your fingers just like in the native iPhone app.

this tool it is still in beta phase , but developers only need to have a developer account for Apple to be able to use it, being able to manage this assignment quickly except if you require many assignments, since in this case you will have to contact Apple.

My question is… why didn't we see him on monday? In my opinion, it seems to me a very interesting function that should have been commented on Instead of spending so much time on the Animoji and Memoji .

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