Apple makes official beta 2 of iOS 15 and other operating systems — 2022

If you are a developer, you caninstall a new iOS beta on your iPhone. The apple company has already officially launched what is already the second previous version of iOS 15 , as well as the rest of the operating systems presented at WWDC 2021 with the exception of macOS 12, therefore having betas of iPadOS 15 , watchOS 8 Y tvOS 15. These arrive after a little more than two weeks since the first one was launched, and that a priori should bring performance improvements and some other news.

Apple continues to advance in the development of iOS 15

Although the official presentation of the new Apple software took place two weeks ago, the truth is that the company has been working on it for months. However, it is not until now that this development is public and the developers can already test the novelties of the system and make changes in their tools to adapt them and that their operation is the best for the user when the public launch takes place.

top news of ios 15

Given how recent these second betas are, we can't yet say what new features they bring beyond bug fixes and performance improvements. In the next few days we will be advancing thesenew features of iOS 15and the rest of the systems, although until then we can assume that they are still versions that not recommended to install to non-developers. The reason for this is that they are still unstable versions that can cause errors such as unexpected restarts, apps that do not work as they should or excess battery consumption.
Despite this, Apple will launch the public betas in the month of July, as announced at the WWDC. These versions will continue to be unstable and in fact will be practically the same as the developer versions, although it is expected that they will have improved by then and will not cause such instability in the system. Although we insist that the recommendation is not to test them on primary use devices.

When will these versions officially arrive?

If you don't want to risk the betas or you're just curious to know when they will officially arrive, you have to set your sights on the month of September. This is a month in which Apple usually makes new devices like the iPhone official, so they always take the opportunity to launch new software as they hit the market. This year it seems that it will be so, although for the moment the company continues to say autumn as the period in which it will launch, without giving any specific date.

news macos 12 monterey

What we must say is that the case of macOS 12 is different or at least it could be. Mac software versions tend to be somewhat slower in their development than other operating systems, something that we already saw in 2019 when macOS Catalina was released in October. That is why on this occasion we have not seen a second beta of macOS 12 Monterey. Most recently we saw it with macOS Big Sur, released in November (two months after iOS 14 and co). And although it has not been confirmed, it is likely that 'Monterey' will also end up arriving somewhat later than the rest despite also being in its second beta.