Apple launches the third generation of butterfly keyboards in the new MacBook Pro — 2022

Apple it seems that it does not hit the key to offer a keyboard that offers a good user experience to customers who decide to buy a MacBook or MacBook Pro. This new generation seems to won't solve this problem , as Apple claims that user complaints only accounted for a small percentage of sales.

Despite being a small percentage, Apple decided to apply a replacement program to repair the affected MacBook and MacBook Pro in a free , including a refund for all customers who have previously performed a repair.

In a Press release , Phil Schiller claims that this new third generation keyboard is more silence than previous keyboards affected by the performance issue. With which they do not make it clear if the error is solved or they are simply quieter. Manzana recommended blowing in a certain way the keyboard to try to solve the problem before launching the free extended warranty .

Apple is wrong with the key of the MacBook Pro

Buying a MacBook Pro is an investment to bet on a reliable, durable computer with optimal performance to carry out several simultaneous processes. These kits can cost 8,000 euros in its most powerful version , so it is inconceivable that the design of the butterfly keyboard slows down the work of a professional who put all the trust in the brand. At least now they are quieter.

Apple insists that the affected keyboards are minimal, but we remember that even dissatisfied customers collected signatures for file a class action lawsuit . In the petition, they asked Californians to change this mechanism and replace it for customers affected by this problem free of charge. This meant that they should not be used.keyboard protectors for MacBook.

as collected The Verge , Apple states that this keyboard was not designed to solve the problems that exist in the MacBook and MacBook Pro. This new third generation keyboard was not designed to solve those problems. According to Apple representatives.

On the Apple website we can read some of the symptom that can be experimented with butterfly keyboard:

  • Letters or characters that they repeat unexpectedly.
  • letters or characters that not listed .
  • Keys that are jam or do not respond consistently.

If you want to know if your MacBook is affected by this problem, you can check it out on a l any which we published a few weeks ago. If your MacBook is one of the affected computers, we explain the procedure to request a free repair, in addition to requesting a refund if you had to make a previous repair related to the problems recognized by Apple. In any case, the iMac keyboard is still a good option, although we also found a goodcomparison of the Magic Keyboard with a Logitech keyboard.

Have you experienced any problem with the keyboard of your MacBook Pro? were you able to fix it?