Apple launches the first announcement of the iPad Pro 10.5″ — 2022

Yesterday, and confirming previous rumors, Apple introduced a new iPad Pro 10.5″ , s If you want to know more about this, you can visit this article .

The new 10.5″ iPad Pro are now available for purchase at the App Store and to promote its features, Apple has published a couple of ads in its YouTube channel .

New iPad Pro 10.5″

New announcements of the 10.5″ iPad Pro highlighting its novelties

During the presentation of the new iPad Pro, Apple put a lot emphasis on the power of your processor and how can it help us work with iPad , leaving aside our computer. Highlighting for this multitasking, among other novelties.

In this announcement called So many things to love (So ​​many things to love), we see two young men sitting at a table, where one of them seems to be writing some notes while a girl with a Tweet in her hand that says I hate everything , responds to the announcer's voice. During the announcement they stand out all those wonderful things you can do with the new iPad, type on the keyboard, take notes and use multitasking, while the girl responds to each feature as I hate it .

In the second announcement called A whole new kind of computer (A new kind of computer), we see a PC user (clearly not a MacBook) with a tweet saying My computer just died #happymonday . In response to this tweet, the ghost of the deceased computer starts talking to the user, leaving a message before leaving, recommending that they buy a new iPad Pro with the powerful chip A10X Fusion to be able to do all his tasks without missing him for anything.

As we see in these ads, Apple tries highlight the novelties that this new iPad Pro incorporates like its processing power and revamped multitasking, doing a lot emphasis on humor , something that we had already seen in previous announcements .

with this new iPad Pro, upgradable in spring to iOS 11 , Apple tries to give it as much power as possible, improving the productivity of its device and trying to convince Mac users that many of their daily tasks can be carried out on the tablet without fear. The truth is with the new iOS 11 Apple has further enhanced its Pro feature and as we saw in the presentation, its possibilities are amazing. Let's wait how this turns out when we get our hands on the new iPad Pro with iOS 11 , although for this we must wait a bit.