Apple launches new website focused on iPhone 7 video tutorials — 2022

If we recently brought you a News About how Apple had created a website to show us its contributions to the US economy, now Apple has launched a website dedicated to tutorials to help iPhone 7 users discover how to use the camera and create better photos. A very good idea by Apple, no doubt.

Apple helping its users

The company with the bitten apple has wanted to copy many youtubers who upload videos to the platform about tutorials and videos created to help users of a certain device. In this case, Apple has uploaded a total of five videos to its YouTube channel, but in its Web page we can find some more.

This is a good idea for all those users who have just bought their first iPhone and do not know very well how certain features work. These videos are rather focused on the subject of photography from the iPhone 7 . In them he teaches us how to take advantage of said camera (or cameras in the case of the Plus size).

In addition, the great advantage is that They are very short videos, barely forty seconds long. , which is not done at all heavy. Apple is very concise when it comes to explaining what it is teaching you, and that is appreciated.

How to shoot… on iPhone 7

Apple provides us with some tricks to use the camera of our iPhone 7

All videos are titled How to shoot – how to shoot – followed by various functions. These functions are the following:

  • How to shoot a great portrait
  • How to shoot a close-up
  • How to shoot a vertical Pano
  • How to shoot an action photo (how to shoot an action)
  • How to shoot a Selfie with the timer
  • How to capture a unique angle
  • How to shoot using a street light (how to shoot with street lights)
  • How to create a darker photo (how to shoot a bold and simple image)
  • How to shoot at a sunset (how to shoot during golden hour)
  • How to shoot a Selfie with one hand (how to shoot a one-handed selfie)
  • How to edit a Selfie (how to edit a Selfie)
  • How to shoot a sunset silhouette
  • How to shoot a group photo (how to shoot a groups portrait)
  • How to shoot a backlit subject

Undoubtedly, We advise you to view these tutorials because you can learn certain photographic aspects even if you don't have an iPhone 7 , since, except for the function portrait , all appear on any iPhone since the 5S.

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