Apple launches new leather cases for the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro — 2022

The new MacBook Pro 2018 is not the only new thing that we have seen today in the Apple Store. The Cupertino Company has jointly launched newcovers for your MacBookPro both 13 and 15 inches. Some covers that are very nice but that shine for the price that they have, which is not affordable at all.

Apple releases new leather cases at too high a price

These leather cases were only available for the 12″ MacBook, but Apple has decided to transfer this design to a case with a larger size for MacBook Pro, taking advantage of the fact that new models have been released today, and the buyer may be more receptive.

These leather covers are available in the colors Caramel Brown and Midnight Blue like the ones on the 12″ MacBook. To these colors that we already had in the Store, the Black which gives a very sober design to the case and much more elegant.

The design of these cases is incredible, Constructed of premium leather and soft microfiber inside so your Mac won't suffer any damage while you're on the go in this cover. Although obviously if you drop this leather case, the computer will not be too protected since it is not robust.

Although the design is incredible, the prices are not, because they are very high. Specifically, each case for the 13″ model is priced at €199, and €229 for the 15″ model. . For us, it is an inaccessible price for a normal public, because if you already spend a large amount of money on the MacBook, spending more than €200 on a case can be quite hard for us. But if Apple has put them up for sale it is because they have an audience that can buy them.

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